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Ways to Recycle Old Tires

Recycling old, worn out tires can be a hassle for most, especially if you live far from the nearest landfill. Most studies show that tires will slowly release toxic chemical into the environment. The long term effects of exposure to these chemicals, such as ingestion, isn’t good. Other uses, such as if the tire is covered or won’t be touched, are alright though. Here are a few ways to recycle old tires without visiting a landfill.

1.​ Vertical Planter. Finding ways to plant anything other than vines on a wall or side of a building can get expensive. Instead of paying out, use an old tire. Simply nail the inside of the tire to the wall and place dirt and seeds into the lower part. Once again, don’t plant anything you plan on eating!

2.​ Jewelry. We aren’t just talking about car tires here. Old bicycle tires can be recycled as well and, as they aren’t as thick, they’re much easier to cut through. Some artists have taken to websites like Etsy selling tire-formed jewelry and designs.

3.​ Gardening. We’ve already discussed vertical planters but there are plenty of uses around the garden. Planters, potting, separation, and hedging are just a few of the options at your disposal. Let your mind run wild.

4.​ Tire Swings. Playgrounds already use ground rubber for covering and erosion control. There are even jungle gyms made of old tires. As seen in countless movies, television shows, and maybe even your own backyard, old tires can be repurposed as swings as well. While you also need a strong tree, rope, and a tire that isn’t falling apart, a tire swing can be tons of fun for kids and adults alike.

5. Jungle Gym. Use your old tires to create an intense obstacle course or climbing wall for the kids. This is fun and not too difficult to do. Just make sure that you build it well so it doesn’t fall down!

6. Staircase Runner. Why use a fabric staircase runner when you could make one out of your tires? You can apply the exterior of each tire on each step in order to create non-skid steps.

7. Stamps. Tires are the perfect material for stamps. That rubbery texture will ensure that stamp ink will work well with them and the design of the tires can create some unique stamp patterns.

8. Pathway. If you own a lot of land or a wooded area, create a pathway out of your old tires. You can stack them up to form a kind of outdoor staircase or even create a bridge out of them. The possibilities are endless.

9. Footrest. Either keep the tire in its original form for a footrest or wrap it in fabric or hemp cord. It’s sure to look sleek and provide an affordable option to add the ottoman to your living room.

10. Dog Bed. The inside of a tire lined with fabric will make the perfect dog bed for Fido.​ 

Recycling old tires doesn’t have to require a trip to the landfill. Use your imagination, get your kids involved, and come up with some great ideas. We’d love to hear them!
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