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Isle of Palms, SC | History and Things to Do
Sunrise on the Isle of Palms.​ Taken by​ James Williams.​ No changes.
A conch shell on the Isle of Palms. Taken by Gary Dicer.​ No changes.
Located just east of Charleston, South Carolina lies a little-known secret—the Isle of Palms. This island is the​ go-to get away​ for many people in the area and is just a quick drive from Chucktown. With a beach that is seemingly endless, abundant wildlife, and a rich and interesting history, the Isle of Palms is an incredible place to be—and the perfect community for Palmetto Ford to serve.
Thought to have been around for at least 25,000 years, the Isle of Palms has a long, rich history. It was first inhabited by the indigenous SeeWee Indians, and legends claim that the only other occupants were pirates who buried their treasures in the island’s dunes and woods—though no treasure has been found so far.
The Isle of Palms was originally known as​ Hunting Island or Long Island​ and didn’t become permanently settled until the late 19th​ century. This is when it became known as the perfect refuge for Charleston residents looking to escape the heat. The area saw a major boom in popularity during the 1970s, helping real estate expand to what it is today.

Now, the island still appeals to locals and visitors alike with six miles of sandy, white beach and a natural beauty that is hard not to fall in love with. It is rife with wildlife, too. While walking around the island it’s not unusual to see dolphins frolicking in the ocean, osprey nesting, and pelicans diving for their dinner. In fact, the island is so popular as a nesting ground for giant loggerhead sea turtles that it has its own Island Turtle Team, which monitors the turtle nests and records the number of hatches each year.
For beach-goers, the beach is a must-see. It is located on Ocean Boulevard, stretching from 10th Avenue to 14th Avenue. This location also has a newly redesigned Front Beach area, which features engraved bricks and is the location of one of the greatest events on the island—Front Beach Fest.
Whether you are looking to catch a game of golf or merely want to relax with your toes in the sand, Isle of Palms is the perfect place to do so. With this beautiful beachfront location in close proximity to Charleston, Palmetto Ford is proud to serve this wonderful community.​ 
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